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Our Mission

Maverick Academy redesigns school by offering a blended learning educational experience that is personal, flexible, and relevant. We leverage technology so students can learn at home and in learning hubs, accelerate through multiple grades in one year and explore the world and their passions through our eight week expedition program.

Maverick Mindset

We all know that we are at a point where there are a lot of transformations taking place.

We also know that there is some dynamic technology out there that could change everything we know about school. So why does education continue to fall so far behind? Maybe it’s because there are too many products out there without teacher training and ongoing support. Maybe too many teachers fall back on how they learned in school.

Maverick Academy is setting out to change all that.

First, we are developing an independent and flexible learning community serving students ages 10-13, that implements a personalized learning approach and recognizes that every student learns differently, at different speeds, and in different ways.

Next, we offer Expeditions that are designed to help students with those relevant life things that aren’t always taught in traditional classrooms. Because we recognize the value in relevancy, the Expedition experience at Maverick Academy is built into the year-round school calendar. For eight weeks of the academic year -- 20% of the entire school year -- students take a break from the core courses and immerse themselves in electives designed around a variety of subject areas meant to be engaging, relevant, and life-changing. The goal is to help students find their passion because we believe that finding passion is not only something that helps make life worth living, but also engages students in the learning process.


Why now?

We need to RETHINK education for our students, our teachers, and our future.

The current educational system is static, impersonal, abstract, and insulated. Students get a uniform experience where their individuality is ignored; learning is focused on standardization rather than application; and completed almost exclusively in the classroom -- often in locations that are incredibly inconvenient for families. People are bending over backwards to adhere to a system that by all accounts is broken.

Developing a Maverick Mindset gives educators the courage to step out of a world that is familiar and invites them to leap into our students’ future – a future that can only be imagined in this rapidly changing world.


Number of students reporting that they are not engaged in school According to a Student Gallop Poll

The involvement in and enthusiasm for school, reflects how well students are known and how often they get to do what they do best.



ONLY ABOUT A THIRD OF U.S. high school seniors are prepared for college-level coursework in math and reading.

One of the latest findings from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as the Nation’s Report Card or NAEP, which publishes data showing the achievement of high school seniors.



about 7 million college students took at least one course online. 

According to this report on “How Digital Content Is Changing Education”, in both higher education and K-12, learning that takes place at least partly online continues to grow.

““Many schools are organized as they are because they always have been, not because they must be.”

-Sir Ken robinson