Teaching & Learning


How Students Learn

Maverick Academy starts with a deep understanding of how students learn.  Our teaching and learning approach leverages technology to effectively address the needs of all students. As a result,  Maverick Academy offers a blended and personalized learning approach providing students the opportunity to work independently and collaboratively with progress and differentiation monitored through our Personalized Learning Platform.

Leveling up Choice

Maverick’s leveled curriculum is designed to match each individual student to different activities that meet the student’s needs and abilities. The curriculum is structured, visually based, breaks down larger skills into manageable steps, embeds assessments, and utilizes data based decision making. Our goal is to build all student skill level to reach the highest level of achievement and creative thought. In that process, Maverick curriculum gives students a choice and some control over which activities they need to complete in order to meet their learning objectives.

Lessons & Activities

Each lesson is standards aligned and includes three levels of activity choices for students in the core areas of math, social studies, English, science, world language, and computer science. The Maverick Personalized Learning Platform offers teacher, student, and parent resources.