Our Approach



Personalized learning seeks to accelerate student success by tailoring the instructional environment—what, when, how, and where students learn—to address the individual needs, skills, and interests of each student. Students take ownership of their learning while also developing deep, personal connections with each other, teachers, and mentors at their Learning Hub.

In short, personalized learning should free teachers and mentors to meaningfully connect with students because strong relationships with kids are the heart of good teaching and learning.

Personalized learning is an instructional approach that is competency-based and focused on student learning, rather than on student seat time.

Maverick Academy offers unique student-centered experiences including eight weeks of Expeditions each year providing opportunities for students to follow their passions through focused study, pursuing an off-campus internship, or by engaging in domestic and international field study experiences.

Additionally, we pair each student with a long-term, 1:1 mentor who monitors and supports their academic, social, and emotional development.

In order to best address these individual needs, Maverick leverages a customized research-based personalized learning platform designed by content experts and innovative thought leaders.


Maverick Academy doesn’t start until you are ready to begin.

We work with you to build a schedule for your student that fits for your family. No more planning vacations around school holidays or testing schedules. You own your time.

During student orientation, we help students design their own work space — a personal space that can be at home or in our shared Learning Hub with other Maverick students. In this student-designed workspace, we focus on personalized content rather than arbitrary grade-levels. This means that your student can work as quickly or as steadily through the content as she or he likes — completing multiple grade-levels in a single year or taking much needed time when faced with complex or challenging topics.  

Once your student completes her/his content work for the day, he/she joins other students at one of our local Learning Hubs for an advisory period — a time where students meet with a mentor to set and evaluate long and short-term goals specific to what we call project time: collaborative, real-world projects designed and assessed according to the skills needed for college, career, and life.  Project Time operates across age-groups and is facilitated at the Learning Hub by trained project practitioners: adults who specialize in promoting inquiry-based project learning.


Reflect on your own school experience - or maybe -  your child’s school experience for a minute … How was it? Is that experience still relevant for this new generation of learners? If you had a magic wand to change education, what would you create? Maybe education no longer has to be tied to a schedule, traditional classrooms, or hours. Maybe time no longer limits learning.

Instead… in this rapidly changing world… imagine if students could drive their own learning through real-life situations beyond school walls. What if education recognized the jaggedness of all learners and offered opportunities for students to determine their own pathways and discover the context of their new knowledge base?

What if... instructors, mentors, and faculty members acted more as physicians who assess students’ learning health and steer them in the right direction. “Schools” could have a more manageable student-teacher ratio and a dedicated time each day to brainstorm how to help students apply their learning in the community and be available to coach and mentor students throughout their learning journey.  What if students were able to experience real-life expeditions that invited them to dive deep into something they were really passionate about and that offered relevance to their education?

This is what the future looks like with personalized learning at Maverick Academy.

When students drive their own instruction, the learning is always relevant because they are never faced with learning something that they are underprepared for or do not understand. Acquiring content knowledge and cognitive skills emerge from an understanding of their own knowledge base and evolving worldview.

Learning is authentically correlated to self, community, and world through a variety of experiences including Expeditions. This hallmark of the Maverick experience embraces both a self-growth and global perspective. Expeditions play an essential role in realizing the mission of Maverick Academy by offering engaging and meaningful electives, global adventures, and enrichment opportunities to prepare students for success in college, career, and life.