Personalized Learning Platform



Personalized Learning is about student-centered education. Therefore, our Personalized Learning Platform (PLP) provides the digital tools for teachers to easily customize instruction and assessment for all students by using our research-based teacher created activity plans and resources and adjusting the level in order to best engage and challenge students.


Track Progress

The Platform gives parents and teachers a clear window into their students' progress which helps them provide better support and guidance inside and outside the classroom. Teachers can animate their mentoring sessions with students by leveraging key, real-time data points while at the same time teaching students how to monitor and improve their own learning.

Parents, legal guardians and students can access and review their personal information through their accounts.



While technology has a role to play in supporting personalize learning, it's only a tool. Our PLP provides the curriculum and assessment tools, progress tracking, and standards alignment so that our teachers and content experts can spend more time mentoring and tutoring students using our customizable student goal setting and dream achievement tools.