Sample Lesson

Mesopotamia Problems and Solutions
Unit 2 Level 2 - 25 pts


Ready …

The physical landscape and climate of Mesopotamia presented several challenges so the people changed the environment to improve their lives.

In this lesson, you will

  1. Explore the impact of geography

  2. Examine problems faced by the people

  3. Research solutions to the challenges

  4. Develop an informative paragraph examining the problems and solutions of the Mesopotaminan civilization.

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You’ll need these tools

TIP: Review the entire activity plan, guides, templates, and rubrics prior to starting this activity


  1. Read the informational text on Mesopotamia - The Cradle of Civilization.

  2. Follow the instructions provided on the Reading & Research Guide.

    1. Record reading notes and research three additional sources of information.

    2. Record notes on your research findings.

    3. Share your findings with two other students either online or in person.  

  3. Organize information for your Informative Paragraph >> Paragraph Outline

  4. Develop a well-written paragraph demonstrating appropriate content selection, effective organization, and analysis of relevant content >> Informative Paragraph Template.

  5. Complete checklist for proofreading & plagiarism >> Proofreading & Plagiarism Checklist.

  6. Submit all completed work to your Personalized Learning Platform (PLP)

Assessment (Total Points 25)

You will be assessed on the completion and PLP submission of the following

  1. Reading & Research Guide >> Rubric (5 pts)

  2. Paragraph Outline >> Rubric (5 pts)

  3. Informative Paragraph Template >> Rubric (10 pts)

  4. Proofreading and Plagiarism Checklist >> Rubric (5 pts)